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Development of the Project and equipping of the ILCB


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Главная Cотрудничество ILC of Bratislava Development of the Project and equipping of the ILCB

Development of the Project and equipping of the ILCB

The works were carried out within the framework of the Contract between ILCB and ILC MSU financed by the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation according to the Agreement between MF RF and ILC MSU, documents and regulations of the Governments of Russian Federation and Slovakia, Russian-Slovak Governmental Commission on Scientific and Technical Cooperation, and Moscow State University.

The successful realization of the Contract made it possible to start several research, technological, and educational laboratories of ILCB equipped with modern laser and electronic instrumentation.

The visit of the Russian Ambassador in Slovakia to ILCB: Dr. D.Chorvat, Jr.; Prof. D.Chorvat, Director ILCB; Mr. A.G.Aksenenok, Russian Ambassador in Slovakia; Prof. V.M.Gordienko, and Dr. V.B.Morozov.

ILC MSU issued pilot project containing the basics of the strategy for the scientific, technological, and educational activities of ILCB. This document also specifies a list of equipment with the main parameters and characteristics.

The Complex of the research and technological instrumentation was developed according to the task of the Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation. The works were coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic.

The successful realization of the Project became possible owing to fruitful cooperation between the experts from ILC MSU and ILCB.

"Vneshtekhnika" foreign trade enterprise was the trade partner of ILC MSU.

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